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With experience in building high-end custom gaming rigs, extreme water-cooled PCs, Media Servers, Home Theatre PCs and small form-factor NAS enclosures, Congleton Computer Services provides the highest standard in bespoke designed and built computers for any purpose.

Bespoke Services


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Custom built media servers and bespoke builds

Congleton Computer Services


  • Home Media Servers
  • NAS Enclosures
  • Home Theatre PCs
  • Advanced Gaming PCs
  • Extreme Gaming Rigs
  • Water-cooled PCs
  • Complete Tuning and Overclocking
  • Benchmarking
  • Custom Design and Build Services
  • Fully Customised PC Cases
  • Total Upgrade and Overhaul Packages

Local Computer Repair for Cheshire East Area

Tired of off-the-shelf? Need more than the run-of-the-mill? Let Congleton Computer Services design and build your dream. Whether you are looking for a Home Media Server to stream your Movies, Music and Photos throughout the house, or looking for an EXTREME gaming rig to squeeze a few more FPS from your favourite games. Congleton Computer Services has the knowledge and expertise to meet and exceed your wildest expectations.